List of paid Slack communities and online tools to create your own

Published on
September 27, 2016
by Alex Kistenev

Did you know that there are Slack groups, which can only be accessed by paying an entry fee? Really they exist and they’re not just some kind of micro-communities with the same general interest, and believe it or not they are among the most popular Slack communities in the world, such as: Startup Chat with 5,000+ members or Product Manager HQ with 12,000+. Impressive, isn’t it?

We thoroughly searched trying completely different search methods, different queries, search engines, including user surveys. Maybe it’s an interesting opportunity but we were only able to find 14 of these groups. Compared to the 420+ open communities, which can be accessed either via an invite-page, by simply leaving your email or by filling out a short survey form through TypeForm.

So you ask what would be a reason or how can someone ask for money of someone else to enter a group? There are several reasons:

The first reason is that the group / community might include a range of expensive professionals of certain fields such as IT-engineers, and the entrance fee, thereby limits the number of outside people, maybe even their customers, who to know the essence of their work is not necessary and even harmful to themselves or the professionals of the community.So you ask what would be a reason or how can someone ask for money of someone else to enter a group? There are several reasons:You may ask yourself who in the world would pay money to be in one of these groups or communities since other social networks don’t charge anything? Oh, by the way before I go further, I should explain that Slack can be considered a special form of a social network, and next, I have encountered entry fee’s for social networks and groups many times, of course not everywhere, but here and there, both large and small closed communities on platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn which are usually the additions to some service or website in which people communicate regarding highly specialized topics about a service, tool or some kind of activity.

Secondly, the fee helps to prevent the influx of very green newcomers, asking a lot of ridiculous questions, that disrupts the relaxed atmosphere of a guru’s’ communicating. Usually these are the communities with the highest entry fees and their logic seems to be – if you want to use the experience of professionals or get their advice – kindly pay.

The third reason is spam. Oddly enough, but even a dollar for entrance effectively cuts off those those people who are massively register in groups to leave their “very important” pre-harvested replica with a link they want.

Finally, the fourth reason for charging an entrance fee is the most obvious – some share for the owner of the community and why shouldn’t he be rewarded for his efforts? It takes long time to maintain a really worthwhile community, to attract new interesting people, to hold meetings, competitions, and maybe to moderate branches. In addition normal community functions require regular payments for things like: web hosting, TypeForm, MailChimp, Google for Work, freelancers’ work and more.

We need to explore the price to quality ratio of each community’s (your comments at the end of the article will be extremely useful to this community), but for now, here’s what we’ve found from the majority of paid Slack groups (from the least to most expensive).


List of Paid Slack Communities


1. Tech London  (3600+ members) for £1 Lifetime Access

Creative entrepreneurs, startups, investors, design agencies, internet marketers & freelancers. Hiring‬, ‪technology‬, ‪marketing‬, ‪funding‬ and more.





2. #Music (900+) for $4,99 Lifetime Access

A global community of artists and music lovers sharing the tunes they love.





3. #Workfrom (1000+) for $5/month – $50/year

Direct connection with fellow remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and distributed companies all over the world.




4. WeAreLATech (896+) for $15 Entry fee

“The WeAreLATech ‘Experience’ Club is a group of people in LA Startups who do offline activities together. We produce 8-10 activities every month and you can go to as many as you like. The concept is based on the saying ‘More business gets done at the bar than in a boardroom.’ That said, there will be no panels or mixers. We have enough of those”.




5. WomanWhoStartup (3000+) for $20 Lifetime Access

Women Who Startup is dedicated to building a platform for women who are innovators, technologists, entrepreneurs, developers, educators, community members and more, with community, a powerful network and resources to fuel your current or next innovation or entrepreneurial endeavor.



6. FrenchStartupsIO (700+) for €20 Lifetime Access

French startups and entrepreneurs.




7. Product Manager HQ (12000+) for $25 Lifetime Access

Community of the world’s best startups and companies including Google, Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, Pinterest, etc.




8. CreativeTribes (750+) for $25 Lifetime Access

Tribe-building strategies, experiences and resources for startup entrepreneurs, marketers and creatives.




9. Freelance Chat (700+) for $25 Lifetime Access

A group for freelancers for sharing stories, experiences and knowledge with people from across the globe.




10. Startup Chat (5000+) for $29 Lifetime Access

A global startup community, on Slack for feedback and share thoughts with other startup founders, investors, press and talent.




11. Remotive (300+) for $29 12 Annual Membership

Another one remote workers Slack Community. It seems like people think that freelancers are the most solvent audience =)




12. NomadList (10000+) for $29,95/month – $199 Lifetime Access

A social network for digital nomads and remote workers around the world.




13. FemaleFounders (700+) for $30 Lifetime Access

The first women-only community of female founders on Slack.




14. Focus Asia (500+) for $49 Lifetime Access

A live-chat of like-minded professionals from the tech/startup scene in Asia.




15. NYC Founders 2.0 (200+) for $60 Lifetime Access

NYC startup scene. There are no responses yet.




Now, if you are the owner of some site, an UGC (user generated content), community, group, or if you want to create something like this from scratch. Below we list tools that will help you start to develop and monetize your community or simply to get rid of spam.


16. Hashtag Investing (500+) for $199 Lifetime Access

An exclusive real-time community of investors discussing stock investing. Get instant and constructive feedback on the stocks you want to trade. Spam free. Troll Free.


Submission and review of applications


1. TypeForm + Zapier integrationThere is an interesting use case:



2. Google Forms – most simple but manual inviting:



3. or you can mark up the page by yourself and connect Slack API:




Auto-inviting and Sign Up pages


1. Heroku + Web application on Github (required coding skills). So your web page will look like that:



or like that:



2. Stacktodo – invite page templates and some Slack bots:



3. StamPlay – integration platform to build with APIs:



4. Stackstorm – required coding skills:






1. Stripe – very convenient online payment system. This is a FAQ from TypeForm for payment integration. Don’t forget about Zapier or IFTTT integrations for payment notifications directly to your Slack DM. With PayPal, unfortunately, TypeForm doesn’t work, but Formstack works:




2. SlackPass – sign up page and payments accepting, but have not yet opened:



3. InviteRobot – still in closed beta:



As you can see, here are some of the solutions for creating paid channels, but they are far from perfect. So, if you don’t want to create and maintain a paid group in Slack, then you have a perfect opportunity to use it as an idea for your new startup. Eureka!
Well, we the Standuply team are happy to add something of yours to the article, so if you would let us know in the comments what other paid channels or solutions there are to write about, it would be great. Thanks.